Quadcopter Attacked by Bees

Obama’s Limousine – “The Beast”

President Obama’s limousine is packed with features James Bond would envy. We didn’t even know tear gas cannons were an option on Cadillacs!

Are Cats Endangering New Zealand Birds?

In New Zealand, there’s a controversial plan to save endangered birds – get rid of the cats!

Quadcopter Attacked by Bees

In Florida, a swarm of bees attacked a quadcopter, then turned their attention to the news crew controlling it.

Scientist NOT Seeking Mom for Neanderthal

The reports of a geneticist look for a surrogate mother for a modern neanderthal from re-sequenced DNA sadly appears to be a result of mistaken translation.

Blockbuster Closing 300 Stores

Blockbuster, once the dominant force in home video, has laid off 3,000 employees by closing 300 stores.


  1. Bruce R.(BPR639Geek) says

    When this POTUS leaves office & the next administration takes over, they’ll probly sell the limo, if they do, guess who’s there first, SERIOUS!!! Save the cats, save the cats, save the cats. Sorry John, I love cats, just increase the mouse pop. Not surprised about Blockbuster, hay their not streaming to TiVo anymore…. “B”