Raspberry Pi Gets a Camera

Raspberry Pi Prototype Camera
The possibilities of the Raspberry Pi Linux computer continue to grow. Although availability of the tiny $25 computer is still very tight, the development team is moving to extend the platform’s capability with an add-on camera. The current imaging hardware is 14 MP, but the Raspberry Pi blog cautions that this may well get reduced before a public release in order to keep down final costs.

Along with pictures of the camera and the way they plan to connect it to to the board (a ribbon cable), the team provided a preliminary sample of the camera in action:

Do you have a Raspberry Pi yet? Does this camera give you a new flood of ideas for how to use it? Let us know in the comments.

(via Raspberry Pi)


  1. says

    With a pair of Raspberry Pi computers along with the camera (and all the other accoutrements) you could make a pretty awesome to see (and talk to) whoever is at the front door.

    For anyone with a long driveway, you could set it up with a video motion sensor as well. That way the unit at the end of the drive way could record video while a car/person is going by and then send that back to the main viewing unit in your house, along with a nice alarm tone. Once received, you could view the recorded video so you know who is there before they arrive.

  2. Jason says

    I just paid for mine delivery in 3 weeks. I will try to use it to link my tv to the net

  3. Ricardo says

    Me parece magnífico este proyecto. Espero que salga al mercado cuanto antes.