Read Quick Review – Speedreading App for iPad

Speedreading is a popular way to increase the amount of material you can read in a short amount of time. A new app in the iOS App store, Read Quick ($3.99), aims to make it easier than ever. There are a few other speedreading apps in iTunes. The most popular probably being QuickReader at $5. Generally speaking, these other apps display an entire page of text, and it’ll calculate your rate of speed when you click the “Continue” button.

What Makes Read Quick Different?

The Read Quick app differs than other speedreading apps in one primary way. It displays only ONE word at a time.

  • Set your words per minute before you begin. On average, people can read at about 250 words per minute.
  • Double tap to begin the article.
  • Double tap to stop reading.

It’s as simple as that. It took a couple times for me to get used to this method, but I wound up really liking it!

Loading Articles to Read

There are a few featured sources (The Morning News, Longreads, The Feature, and TPM). Each article will tell you how long it’ll take to read it at your current rate of speed. If you add it to your Favorites you can pull it up later when you’re ready to read it, whether you are online or offline.

Connect your Instapaper account to pull up all your saved articles.

They don’t have the ability to pull in any RSS feed you want. I hope they’ll be able to work in the ability to pull from Google Reader in the future. But if you know you want to read a specific article you can browse directly to the site and add the article. It’ll strip out all the extras so just the text is left.


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