Ready Player One Author Ernie Cline is Giving Away a DeLorean

Ernie Cline and his DeLorean

Ready Player OneWith this tweet, Ernie Cline, the author of the celebrated geek culture book Ready Player One launched a competition that mirrors the one in his book.

In the book, residents of a virtual world were given the chance to win vast power and riches by finding clues and completing a series of challenges. In our real-world competition, the prize is a little more modest, but if you grew up in the 80s and love 80s geek culture, a DeLorean is still a pretty sweet prize.

In order to get yourself started on the path to the prize, you’ll have to a have a physical copy of the book; the clue is buried inside the pages, and unfortunately that leaves out those of us who have the book in either ebook or audiobook format.

At the time of this writing, more than 100 people have cleared the first “gate,” so there’s no telling how long it’ll be until someone claims victory. However, there’s no immediate rush, as Cline’s video (included below) explains.

Are you going to set yourself on the path to winning? Tell us about your journey in the comments!