Replacing the Battery on a MacBook Air

Surgery on Your MacBook Air

Does your MacBook Air need a new battery? You could take it to the Apple Store, but it might be a bit pricey if you’re out of warranty. However, if you’re okay with cracking open the machine yourself, then things get less expensive… and a bit more interesting!

Diagnosing with Battery Health

We used a piece of software from the Mac App Store called Battery Health to give us an idea of what was going on with Cali’s MacBook Air. It told us that it was time for a new battery. We got this battery from Amazon.

Backup Your Data!

Even though Cali didn’t back up her computer before this, YOU SHOULD! Do as Cali says, not as she does.

Dust Bunnies a’Plenty

After opening the case, we found a lot of dust inside. So, plan on doing some cleaning before proceeding.

Have the Right Tools

Although the battery came with tools, it doesn’t hurt to have a really complete toolkit handy when messing around inside your computer. This is the one I have and recommend.

The Actual Replacement

The battery sets right into place, and of course you plug in the power cable, then it’s time to put all those screws back into place.


Another check with Battery Health shows things went well and we now have much better battery strength. And it was EASY!


  1. Profile photo of Armen says

    Good post. I have an MBAir of the same age. Time to pop it open. The other thing I want to investigate is if there’s a flash upgrade from the 256 to anything else. The I will have to do a backup

  2. Martin Pace says

    I saw this episode and was astounded that you used the typical canned air to blow out the dust. You were so happy with the Hurricane canless air system that you reviewed previously. Why are you still spending money on the canned air?