REVIEW: Altec Lansing InMotion Air Bluetooth Speaker System

Altec Lansing has long been known for their computer and iPod speaker systems.  For years I’ve had various sets of their speakers as part of my computing rigs at home.  I even have a set of Altec Lansing ACS340 (with subwoofer) speakers in use in my daughter’s bedroom.  They sound great after 15 years of regular use.

Having always enjoyed their products, I was eager to check out the Altec Lansing inMotion Air Bluetooth Speaker System, and I must say, I wasn’t disappointed.  The quality of this very small, yet robust speaker really shocked me.  For a few years, I’ve either had small, battery-powered portable speakers powering my iOS devices, when not in the car, or various sets of ‘computer’ speakers.  Since trying the inMotion Air system, I’ve not looked back.