Review: Battlesuit Runner Fitness by Olive Seraph

Battlesuit Runner Fitness
We here at Geek Beat love our fitness, and the geekier it gets, the better. Battlesuit Runner Fitness by Olive Seraph is a recent discovery of mine that aims to bring a choose your own adventure-style of game play to the running story style app.

You take on the role of DeltaSuit, a “battlesuit runner,” which is exactly what it sounds like; a soldier who runs wearing a battlesuit. You’ll go on various missions as you run, (or walk; it’s not picky,) and at various points in a story, you’ll be asked to make a choice. You indicate to the app what you want to do by speeding up or slowing down. From their press release: “DeltaSuit, if you want to rescue the hostages, slow down for a few seconds. If you prefer to pursue the retreating hostiles instead, speed up for a few seconds…”

By way of a disclaimer, I should mention that my efforts at using this app were hampered by a non-serious foot injury which kept me largely confined in my home. This presented a problem when I was trying to make these choices, as I found it very difficult to maintain the heightened speed required to trigger the appropriate response I wanted some of the time. (I was running up and down a hallway in the house; every time I reached an end and had to turn around, my speed would drop.) I did manage to get it to work some of the time. I have to think that if you’re uninjured and running outdoors without tight space restrictions, it’s pretty easy. If you find it isn’t easy, you can adjust the amount you have to speed up to trigger the selections.

I thought this was a very interesting way to handle the question of interaction in a running app. It’s different than others I’ve tried before, and in the long run, it improves the life of the app. I think many people would have an easier time going back and replaying missions they’ve previously played if they know that they’ll get a different result this time based on the choices they make.

Battlesuit Runner Fitness WorkshopThere’s another, more passive form of interaction that plays out over the course of your missions. DeltaSuit is a soldier, and as a soldier, gets into combat situations. These combat situations are semi-randomly resolved based on your suit’s stats. You’ll run into alien creatures that you (or more accurately, your suit) will fight. The odds of a successful outcome are increased if you spend “Iridium” (the in-game currency) to upgrade your suit’s combat capabilities in various ways. You can buy iridium as an in-game purchase, but it’s not required. Encounters and combat rewards will give you Iridium for free.

Like most of these types of running apps, it will make use of your devices’ music collections and play lists. At the start of each mission, you can choose the play list (WinAmp playlists worked well for me on Android,) and whether or not to enable shuffle mode.

In conversation with an Olive Seraph representative, they mentioned an upcoming multiplayer feature that sounds intriguing, though they’re still working out the details about it. “We are releasing multiplayer missions that allow players to challenge each other for real or virtual currency. Probably in a few weeks. We are recording special missions that will work especially well with the multiplayer aspects.” I’m looking forward to finding out more about this.

Battlesuit Runner is available as a free demo, but the full version of the app with all available missions is only $0.99 for both iOS and Android. That makes it cheap, fun, accessible, and replayable, a winning combination in my book. Recommended.


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    That sounds like fun, especially since they accept walkers. Not walkers walkers, just those of us who don’t run. 😉

    Do you have to mess with your phone much during the runs/walks? Or are you mostly responding with your speed? (Sorry if you explained, admittedly I skimmed. Migraine day.)