Review: Bell’O Digital BDH820 Series Wired Headphones

DSCN1224Bell’O Digital is an A/V furniture and TV mount company that jumped in the headphone industry about a year ago. Today we bring you the Bell’O Digital BDH820 Series headphones. These wired, over-the-ear headphones come with a $50 dollar price tag and are available in black and white models.

DSCN1229The BDH820 headphones use a sort of paracord design for the wires. It’s great because they are less prone to break if you tug on the cables, which is something you normally do when untangling headphones. They’re very comfortable and provide great sound. There’s a small button dubbed DSCN1230“One-Touch Control” and you can use it for your calls and music. It’s very easy to use once you understand the different functions. One click will pick up/end a call. One click will play or pause a track. Two fast clicks advance to the next track and three fast clicks simulate the rewind button. Holding the button will prompt voice command on your device.

These headphones are very lightweight and provide a nice bass without distortion. To learn more about the Bell’O Digital BDH820 headphones check


Quality PU
Cloth cable is easy to untangle


Cloth cable can get stained easily