REVIEW: BinderPad Makes a Home for iPads in 3-Ring Notebooks

The BinderPad from ZooGue is the second iPad 2 Case available from the company that brought us the Case Genius series. This time around, they have created a super thin case designed to fit inside a 3 ring binder called the BinderPad.

The design of the BinderPad is purely functional and simple. Made out of canvas with a felt lined interior, it snugly fits an iPad 2 with cut outs for the various control points and the cameras. The case itself is extremely thin and as such offers no protection from impacts, but the case was not designed with protection in mind.

Rather, this case was designed for the sole purpose of providing a mounting for insertion into a three ring binder notebook. Using a tough canvas lip with metal reinforced rings, there’s little chance of the iPad falling out accidentally from a notebook. While inside, it is very safe from impacts to the notebook itself, but remains somewhat susceptible to fall damage as a notebook will open up with the extra aerodynamic iPad landing on the ground first, likely on its edge..

A case like this would be best used by those who have to carry around notebooks with other loose leaf papers often, such as students. It makes a great addition to those campuses that are looking to move students from the physical paper textbook world to an all digital format as it compliments the student’s current supply setup nicely.

Alternatively, the case can also act as a mount against various surfaces provided there are hooks on the wall to hang it from. You could hang the case with hooks from a mirror in your bathroom for playback of morning videos or hang it in the kitchen wall to hold your recipes as you prepare a meal.

Overall, while the BinderPad might not be the best looking case available, nor does it provide any real protection, it’s a very well constructed and functional case that does its job well.

The BinderPad is available form ZooGue for $29.99 in black or dark grey.