REVIEW: Bluelounge MiniDock Charger

Sometimes useful gadgets come in tiny packages. That’s certainly the case with the MiniDock from Bluelounge! The MiniDock serves one purpose – clean up your iPhone/iPod charging experience. A lot of us will dangle our cables from the wall…or try to find a perfect balancing point on the wall charger. Well, that never works!

You’ll use the MiniDock in combination with Apple’s USB Power Adapter. You’ll have gotten one of these in Apple’s packaging. Plug the MiniDock into the power adapter, plug the combination into the wall, and set your iPhone or iPod onto the dock. There you go – simple charging without the mess!

They have US, UK and EU versions for $19.95 US. The US and EU versions have spacers included in the box so your device (depending on the thickness) isn’t strained as it charges.


  1. Gary Wilkins says

    Looks great, but over here in the midwest our outlets are horizontal not vertical so it won’t work unless the it can swivel.

  2. says

    Thank you, Cali and of course your team, for this great review of the Bluelounge MiniDock Charger for iPhone/iPod.
    Brilliant innovation, easy concept, awesome result.

    I, for one, am grateful that you still find the time to do reviews like these. Amazing! B)

    Take care and greetings,

  3. Clay Wisner says

    Apple could solve all of this by making a 6′ charging cable. Outlets are 12″ off the floor. A desk, nightstand, coffee table, etc. is rarely going to be positioned so that their ridiculous 3′ cable will reach to where you need it. This gadget is cool, but only if you charge your iPhone/iPod at the kitchen counter or bathroom vanity. For those of us that use the iThing as an alarm clock, it’s got to be on the nightstand, with the barely-reaching charging cable.