REVIEW: exomount Universal Car Mount

Mounting a mobile device in your car can be a frustrating experience. You browse through a bewildering array of devices hoping to find one that will securely hold your gear and stays where you put it. With the wide variety of shapes and sizes of smartphones and GPS units on the market, getting the right fit can be tricky. If your vehicle has a textured dash, the suction cups on many mounts might not stick, or force you to use an adhesive plate that you can’t re-position when you want to or need to. What’s a geek to do?

In my recent quest for the perfect car mount, I stumbled across a YouTube video of someone lifting a microwave with a car mount! Wanting to know more, and only half believing in this little stunt, I found the EXOGEAR site. EXOGEAR has a small line of well designed products including several iPhone cases, some other accessories and the object of my curiosity, the exomount. I was really impressed with the design and the number of ways it could be used. I figured even if it wouldn’t help me relocate my kitchen appliances, it would at least stick to the deeply textured dash of my car.


The exomount has three basic parts. A sleek spring loaded clamp that reminds me of a two fingered robot hand. A spherical base with a clamping lever that clamps it down to the third element, a patented suction cup. (more on this later)

  • The design of the polyurethane lined grip allows it to hold smartphones, portable media players and GPS units up to a 5 inch screen size.
  • The adjustable ball joint allows rotating and positioning the device at nearly any angle.
  • The unique suction cup allows the exomount to be mounted on any smooth or nearly smooth surface like glass, wood, metal, plastic and even walls.


  • The grip holds virtually any phone, player or GPS securely in or out of a case, making this a truly universal mount.
  • The design does not obscure the camera on most phones allowing use as a “dash cam” or with driver assistance programs like iOnRoad.
  • The suction cup really does stick to almost anything, including textured and slightly curved dash surfaces.
  • You can attach the suction cup to the back of an eReader or tablet and it makes a very nice adjustable stand.


  • Rough roads and sporty cars with tight suspensions will cause some vibrations. Not enough to be a problem for GPS use, but “dash cam” videos will be a little shaky.
  • The suction cup picks up dust, hair, etc. from surfaces and will lose some of its ability to stick to less than perfectly smooth surfaces. A quick rinse under the tap solves this problem, so it’s not really a con unless you are stuck in the desert!


I’ve been using the exomount for about three months now and it has performed very well. I have used it as a windshield mount and as a dash mount in two different cars with “difficult” dashboards. I have also used it as a desktop stand for my phone and as a stand for a Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. The exomount has lived up to every promise made on the Exogear website. Except one. Since I have a built in microwave, I haven’t been able to test the exomount’s ability to lift one. Perhaps I can don my black beret and walrus mustache and convince Cali to do some “mythbusting” with me?

The EXOGEAR exomount retails for $29.95 at EXOGEAR’s website, but can be had for around $21.00 at


  1. Alain says

    I have one and it is indeed a great holder.
    However, there is a drawback. You need two hands to remove or put the phone in.
    You cannot do this while driving.