REVIEW: Google+ on the iPhone

Google+ has become very popular VERY quickly! They just released the iOS app a couple hours ago. These are my first impressions, and a guide for you to use the app. Please note, this only works on iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4. No iPad or iPod Touch support yet.

Oh, and if you haven’t Circled me yet on Google+, you can do that here!! And John P.’s is here.


From the dashboard, you have five options:

  • Stream
  • Huddle
  • Photos
  • Profile
  • Circles

Within the Stream section, you can see:

  • Circles – this is your Stream (everyone in all circles, just like the default on the website)
  • Nearby
  • Incoming

It’s in this screen you can post a new update or Check In to a location. My first instinct is to look for a way to view each individual Circle (Work, Friends, etc), but that’s not possible in this screen. You’ll need to go into Circles from the dashboard to access them.

There is no way to save a draft post. I look forward to having that ability!


The default view is the “People” tab. By clicking on any individual person, you can see their stream only, their photos and profile information. You can also Block them from here.

If you click the “Circles” tab, you can view streams by groups…by your Circles (Work, Friends, etc). You can also create a new Circle.


This is a Group Chat instead of Group Video like Hangouts on the website. You can add one or more individual to a Huddle (this works just like you a text message – type the name of the person you want added), OR you can add an entire Circle.

If you’re added to a Huddle that you don’t want to be a part of, you can Mute it or Leave the Huddle. Unfortunately, it’ll still mark new messages in that huddle as new, so I’m not sure what the point of muting is. You can change the name. By default, each huddle is listed as the names who are in the Huddle, so if it’s a group, you might want to name it appropriately.

You can’t currently DELETE a Huddle. Hopefully they’ll fix that in an update.


You can take photos within the app to post, or choose from existing pictures on your device.


Notifications works just like it does on the web version. You can see all your alerts, +1 something, and comment on posts right there from the Notification screen. This is major for me, since it’s what frustrates me the most about the Facebook app (there you can SEE notifications, but there isn’t a way to take action on them).

Just like on the website, I really want a way to make Notifications that have been read go away. I don’t want to see notifications after I’ve already seen them.


  • Crashing: A lot of people are complaining about the app is crashing and freezing. I have not experienced that at all. They released it pretty quickly, so I can’t say I’m surprised. If that’s happening to you, hang in there. I’m sure they’ll release an update soon.
  • Syncing between devices: If you have both an Android phone and an iPhone, and you want to switch between the two, we’ve found that on the device that didn’t send a message, some go missing.

Overall, I think they did a good job with the Google+ app. There are definitely things that need to be updated and changed, but I’m happy to have a mobile option!!


  1. Alexander James says

    Why isn’t it on iPod Touch yet? That does not make any sense to me. Aren’t all iPhone apps compatible with the iPod touch. Does it matter if I have an iPod Touch 4th gen?


  2. PaulD says

    Cali, do you or anyone reading this know if:

    • Huddle, since it displays the contact’s phone # if you can message people who DON’T have Google+ and if those using regular SMS and MMS can send messages to the Google+ account? This would be a huge feature that would allow for a complete replacement of regular SMS/MMS texting plans.
    • Any word on if Hangouts will be added?