Review: iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

The iFixit Pro Tech toolkit is the first toolkit that I have ever really enjoyed using. After working and doing electronics repairs for several years I have gone through several screwdriver kits, the heart and soul of most repair kits. The screwdriver kit is a comprehensive kit, which John P. showed when Cali was replacing the MacBook Air battery in her laptop.

A Good Set of Screwdrivers

The 54 bit screwdriver kit includes most standard bits, and a few specialty bits including, pentalobe, flathead, philips, JIS torx, torx security, hex, square, triangle, and tri wing. Also included in the kit are a nut driver, a SIM eject bit, and a small magnet. Most importantly the bits are durable, and are even good for some of those tougher jobs. A small flexible extension allows users to get into tight spaces, and the extender of the screwdriver detaches, and can be used at the base of the handle for additional torque. This tool was there to save me at a tradeshow a few weeks ago, and without the extra torque, I would have had a big problem on my hands.

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

Other Useful Tools

The kit also includes 4 plastic openers. I have managed to wear one of mine down from heavy use, but the great thing is they are inexpensive and designed to be replaced. It is used for prying and popping open electronics; rather than stressing the device, the plastic openers have some flex to almost eliminate scratching or damage.

I generally don’t need the precision tweezers and have not had much of a chance to fully test them out, but it is nice to know that they are designed to be ESD safe. ESD precautions are no laughing matter when working with surface mount components. In addition to the ESD safe tweezers a general purpose anti-static wrist strap has been included to keep those devices safe.

The kit also includes a few spudgers, three metal ones in various shapes for the tough jobs. One plastic spudger is included for the easier and more common poking and prying jobs, and occasionally waking people up.

The three things that I have yet to use in any repair are the knife, suction cup, and metal ruler. The knife blade is replaceable and dull sections can be removed as necessary. The suction cup has a large metal ring attached to help pull off screens and other smooth surfaces. I have stuck it to a few things and it seems to be made well. The metal ruler is nothing fancy, but does offer distance conversions on the back for when you forget how to convert inches in fractions to decimals, then to millimeters.

A Rugged Carrying Case

The most important part of the kit is how it is all kept together. The rugged tri-fold canvas case was built well of high quality material. I don’t really care for the elastic band around the screwdriver set, I much would have preferred a simple large pocket for it. The flaps over all the tools keeps them safe and from getting lost, even when traveling. It is also easy to keep track of what you have in your kit, because each tool has its own place. The kit folds up nicely and closes with a Velcro tab.

Overall Impressions

Overall, I have been so impressed with the kit that it is now the only tool kit that I use on my bench. It has outperformed every screwdriver set I have ever owned, and its complete set of tools is a must have for any DIY electronics enthusiast. If the whole kit is a bit much, you can purchase tools individually, including the screwdriver set and get just the tool or tools you need.

The iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit is available from iFixit, Amazon and other online retailers for $65 – $70.


  1. Profile photo of Tony says

    I’ve had one of these toolkits for over a year. Used them many time to fix iPhones and other devices. As always with iFixit products the tools are good quality and breadth. Highly recommend this for the amateur or pro techie!

  2. Profile photo of Paul says

    Good morning! I just thought I would let know that after watching the video on replacing a battery in Macbook where you also introduced the smaller brother to this set, I actually purchased the iFixit Pro toolkit on Amazon. I wasn’t sure I would use every thing in the toolkit but it has been very useful in working on laptops.