REVIEW: Insticator – Gamify Your TV Addiction

Insticator Screen ShotLooking for a way to be more involved in your favorite TV shows?  Insticator might be the service that gets that to happen.  The service offers users the chance to win prizes for the things they are doing anyway:  Sitting in front of the television, yelling at the screen, telling your friends that you called exactly what was going to happen this season on Mad Men!

Insticator takes TV shows that have highly-active audiences and gamifies the process of predicting the outcomes.  Shows that have big twist-factors, like Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad, give audiences the chance to predict outcomes, who will die, what will happen, will-they-won’t-they situations. Correctly guessing a question gives your points.

They’ll be expanding to include the option to cash in your points for prizes.

After spending some time with it, I have to admit, it’s kind of fun.

A Strong Concept with Room for Improvement

If you are addicted to certain TV shows, and you are comfortable with web-apps, you’ll probably fall right in to using the service.  I found myself quickly going through Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead questions.  While the questions tend be fairly obvious, they are exactly the questions that you want to answer.  You’ll want your friends involved, you’ll want to win.  They have a real chance to create something competitive and fun for their users.

An opportunity exists for expansion of questions.  Creating stronger content and deeper predictions will only help Insticator.

Adding prizes will greatly improve the experience.  That said, the current experience is entertaining and deeply engaging.

The design of the interface has room to improve, but it is clean and serves its purpose.

A Final Thought

Overall, I really enjoyed using Insticator.  It played to the way my mind works when watching big TV shows.  The experience of discovering questions and making predictions is easy and clean and the service has plenty of room to grow.  Opportunities for partnerships with the TV shows and big prizes will keep users interested.

Give it a try.  It’s free, links to your Facebook account, and is a quick set-up.  For more details, hit their webpage.