Review: iOgrapher Lets You Get a Grip On Your iPad For Video Work

If you’ve ever tried to do photography or video work with a tablet, you know there are some problems. Tablets can be difficult to hold steady while doing a video shoot, and there’s no where to attach any extra accessories like an external microphone or a small light panel.

Dave Basulto is a teacher in California, and those limitations became apparent to him while teaching a video production class. The solution was the iOgrapher, a custom frame for holding an iPad Mini, that provides handles on the sides as well as multiple cold shoe mounts for accessories.

If you’ve got an iPad Mini, you can pick up an iOgrapher for $65. But you can do even better – just use promo code GEEKBEAT when you order from the site to get $15 off for the next 30 days! And there will be one for the full-sized iPad coming soon, so keep an eye on the iOgrapher website.

If you want to load up your iOgrapher with the same stuff we’re showing in the video, here’s what you’ll need:

Rode VideoMic Pro
Manfrotto ML360HP Midi 36 LED Panel for Video and Still Cameras
Sakar Digital Concepts .45X Wide-Angle 37mm Lens

Finally, you can get the Vizzywig App here!


  1. Bryan says

    Trying to find the visiwyg app? You didn’t include a link in the show notes. Where can I find it?


    • Profile photo of John P. says

      Well, you could try. IF you have a printer with a platform big enough (which would cost many $thousands), and IF you were willing to deal with breakage (because the prototypes were printed, and nowhere near as durable), and IF you had hours and hours and days and days to keep prototyping over and over to get the right fit and spend all of that time and energy doing CAD design.

      Or you can pay $50. You choose.