REVIEW: LG LSB316 Soundbar Speaker System and Wireless Subwoofer

LG LSB316 Soundbar

LG LSB316 Soundbar

So, you’re looking for a soundbar and you want one that looks good, sounds good, and is easy to mount on a wall? Look no further! The LG LSB316 is all those things and more…


Even by soundbar standards the LG LSB316 is fairly wide, so it was clearly made for TVs with screen sizes over, lets say… 40″. It was also made for families that don’t have small children who are likely going to want to play with the delicate exposed speaker drivers.

But, if you’ve got a modern decor and no fear of anyone messing with your precious electronics, the LG LCB316 is definitely one of the best looking units on the market today.

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A few other things you’re going to want to know about the LSB316:

  • It’s extremely thin and lightweight. So it’ll fit even in small spaces below your LCD or Plasma TV.
  • It has a truly excellent mounting system. A mounting plate is secured to the wall and then the speaker hung on the mounting plate. Simple!
  • It only accepts digital optical audio inputs. So make sure your TV has that kind of output.
  • You can use bluetooth to connect your smartphone or other device, enabling excellent sound from a single system.
  • The LED panel on the front face of the soundbar is extremely bright. Especially in a bedroom at night.

Sound Quality

The LSB316 offers very clean and clear high frequency reproduction due to the dual soft dome tweeters and 4 midrange drivers. The frequency response is biased towards the high end, with a somewhat underpowered subwoofer for my taste. Even after turning it up all the way I was wishing I could get one or two more notches out of it.

As a side note, generally speaking I prefer the ability to adjust the subwoofer with an analog dial on the device rather than via a menu.

My only real complaint about the system is the remote control. I found it to be overly complex and just wished for fewer controls and a more seamless integration with the TV controls.

LG LSB316 Soundbar Features

  • Bluetooth connectivity and streaming from your smart phone or tablet
  • Wireless connectivity to the included subwoofer. (It only needs a power connection.)
  • Dual digital optical inputs.
  • 280 watts total system power

LG LSB316 Pictures

Where to Buy the LG LSB316 Soundbar

As of the time of this review, the LG LSB316 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer is available at Amazon for $249.

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