Review: Listec PromptWare Teleprompter

Over the last 8 years, I have hosted thousands of videos! And I’ve used many different types of teleprompters. They all work basically the same, but there are quality differences in each, just like any other product on the market. I’ve been testing the Listec PromptWare Teleprompter from Tiffen.

What’s so interesting about it is its size for one. It’s 4″, and uses a phone or iPod Touch. This means it’s ultra portable for use wherever you want to take it! The other thing that’s so intriguing is the price tag. At $319 (and you can score it for less from Amazon or B&H), it’s much more affordable for podcasters, YouTubers, etc. than other products on the market.

Watch the video for the full review and all the details!


  1. Carlos Roberts says

    Still waiting for Cali’s top suggestions on Prompter App’s…
    Keep up the great work you’ve been doing!!!

  2. DK says

    OK, so i have no idea how a teleprompter works, but why do you need a camcorder on the back of it?

    • JD says

      The idea is that you put the teleprompter on the camera so you can look like you are looking into the camera while you are reading your lines.