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We showed you a preview at CES 2012, and now it’s finally released. The Mikey Digital from Blue Microphones is a portable mic for your iPhone, iPad or iPod so you can record audio on the go. It’s plug and play. Just plug into your iOS device’s charging port and it’ll automatically be detected by most recording apps. I tried with several apps, including the iPhone’s default recorder, and it worked with all of them. Though, there were a couple apps that had trouble with playback while the Mikey Digital was plugged in.

It rotates 230 degrees and has three gain settings. You’ll want to adjust the gain based on your surroundings. This device does really well at blocking out noise in the environment and focusing on your direct speech.

It’s not going to match the quality of professional mics meant to block out ALL noise, but it’s a great option for on the go recording, whether you want to capture random audio from your experiences in the world, or are a podcaster recording interviews. And it certainly is a lot more affordable at $99! It’s available online now (here), and will be hitting retail stores sometime in September.

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2 Responses

  1. Tom C.

    I have the analog Mikey I use with my first gen iPod touch. I also record my radio show with a Blue Snowball. Both work great! Appears their timing is pretty bad on the Mikey digital, though. All indications are that it is about to be obsoleted by Apple’s connector upgrade.

    • SarahCat

      I know. I did an advanced purchase on Amazon months ago. Then, I received a notice that Mikey Digital would be delayed. It was delivered today, a bit over a week before it will possibly be rendered obsolete by the next iPhone, which I will buy to replace my iPhone 4s.

      I’m not exactly thrilled. I won’t ever buy a technology product this far in advance again.