REVIEW: Milo Micro-Suction Smartphone Stand

Cradles and stands for phones and .mp3 players come in all shapes and sizes, from basic kick-stand style holders to cozy miniature beanbag chairs, and they can cost as little as free, found objects (for those of you who love DIY) to well over $50. The options are nearly limitless, so how do you choose? Which fits your style? Once you find the style you need or want, which brand do you snag?

Adding to the many options, BlueLounge now offers the Milo Micro-Suction Smartphone Stand.

What sets the Milo apart?

The Milo is a micro-suction stand. There are two suction pads, one on the bottom and one on the arm. The pads are not sticky-pads! They are made of “thousands and thousands of tiny micro-suction cups” for a strong hold. And, boy, do they hold!

The suction pads work best with smooth, non-porous surfaces, but on my wood desk, it held quite well. So well, in fact, that I gave up trying to gently pry the stand off and had to get creative with my twisting and pulling. While this seems extreme and something of a mark against the stand, I would like to point out that it did its job: it stayed in place and would not budge, especially against accidental bumping. I recommend finding the optimal viewing location before removing the protective plastic cover to avoid any trouble you may encounter when trying to reposition the Milo.

The suction of the pads was even strong enough to hold up my phone with my rough plastic case in place. There was a very noticeable difference in the power of the hold, but it made it easier to remove my phone when I had an incoming phone call.

Positioning and Positive Points

I found it quite easy to position my phone any way I desired: horizontal, vertical, and cockeyed. I even positioned the bottom of my phone at the top of the pad in an attempt to throw off the balance, but even without sticking the stand to my desk, the form of the Milo kept everything upright. This ability to adjust the position to my liking allowed me to set the phone high enough to plug in the charging cord and kept my iPhone’s speakers off the base of the stand, which meant the sound was not distorted or blocked.

The use of the Milo’s arm suction pad is optional; you may not wish to take advantage of the strong grip in exchange for quick-access to your phone or your phone’s cover may have a very porous texture. For instances such as these, the base of the stand features a lip to cradle the bottom of your device as it rests against the angled arm.

And that angle? It’s perfectly aligned for proper viewing from my chair. I played with my music, my AutoCAD app, a few games, and then watched an episode of GeekBeat.TV. I also tested a FaceTime call and rather enjoyed the hands-free aspect and the more-than-my-face view I was able to offer my contacts.

Easy Clean-Up

Because the Milo’s suction pads are not tacky, there is nothing to clean up off the desk or surface of your phone. However, the micro-suction cups can become clogged with dirt and dust, but the clean up is quite easy: When the pads get dirty, just clean up with a strip of sticky tape!

Overall Thoughts

The Milo Micro-Suction Smartphone Stand is a very good stand for only $15. It is available in black or white in BlueLounge’s store, but if you prefer to gain or use member points, currently offers the black option. Though it is marketed as a smartphone stand, the Milo will hold any small device (such as an .mp3 player) with a smooth surface. I definitely think the Milo is a stand to consider the next time you find yourself thinking you need something to support your video-podcast addiction or are looking for something to hold your phone stable while you work.


  • Approximate Size: 2.5″ x 2.75″ x 2.75″
  • Japanese Micro-Suction Technology
  • Plastic
  • Easy Clean
  • Black or White


  1. says

    I’m guessing that smartphones with textured back surfaces — e.g., BlackBerry’s recent Bold and Torch models — probably won’t work well with this thing’s microsuction, but smooth surfaces like an iPhone would be ideal.

  2. Bert Shure says

    Hmmm. How do you think it would work to hold my smartphone on the dash of my car so i can record video while driving?

    I have an ODB2-to-bluetooth adapter and an app in my phone that records video with overlays of maps and engine performance. It is tough to hold the phone and record video while driving.



    • Profile photo of Talyna Morrison says

      It would greatly depend on the type of surface that covers your dash. You would also need at least a 2″ x 2″ relatively flat space for the base to attach. If your dash has a level and smooth surface, it could, in theory, work. I don’t know how the angle of the arm would affect your recording, though. If you’d like to buy one and try it out, let me know how well it works! If it doesn’t work out, you could always return it or keep it for your desk. :)