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Mobile-HomeIf you’ve read my reviews, they tend to be long and in-depth. This one is going to be brief since the product is so simple. The Mobile Home from Beanco Tech is a single-minded product: act as a remote button for Siri when using a handsfree system.

A Home Button for Your Car

So does it work? Yep, it works flawlessly. It works as well as the home button on my iPhone. Bluetooth pairing was easy and it works every time without fail. it. I did have to reverse the way it sat it the wire visor clip to make it easier to reach. Its ease of use couldn’t be any well…easier. It’s a giant iOS Home button and works just like a giant iOS Home button. You use it with your handsfree speakerphone while in your car.  That said, it’s an independent unit, so you could use it separately if you found a use for it.  You hold it down and you get Siri. It’s as simple as that.  Sadly, it doesn’t make Siri understand you any better.

If there is any downside, its the iPhone black finish. It can be almost invisible at night. Some kind of fluorescent markings or an LED to find the button would have been nice. At $79.99 it’s also pretty expensive for a one-trick pony.


Final Thoughts

It works, what more can I say? If you want car integration with Siri and are willing to spend $80 for it, the Mobile Home works as advertised.


  • Works just as your Home button would on your phone
  • Adds Siri connectivity to any handsfree speakerphone system


  • Black case is hard to see at night
  • Expensive at $80
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3 Responses

  1. Ricky Guest

    Why wouldn’t you just use the home button on the iPhone and save $80?