Review: Moshi iGlaze Versa Cover for the iPad

We review many iPad accessories, and cases for your iPad are at the top of the heap. Moshi recently sent us several cases to review, including their iGlaze with Versa Cover. Just in time, too, since my iPad case was on its last leg. I will have to admit, when the iGlaze case arrived, I first thought “this is just another case.”  On the other hand, after pulling my old case off and slapping the Moshi Case on, I was hooked, and it hasn’t come off since.

The iGlaze is sleek and thin with a nice feel.  The front side is made with a microfiber material that folds up into a triangle.  The back side has a matte but grippy feel. I really can’t explain it, but it works. There are cutouts for the speaker, camera, headphone jack and volume controls. The front cover is also a smart cover. Just like the Apple Smart Cover, the iPad turns on and off with the flip of the cover. The case snaps onto the iPad securely, and there is no fear of it falling off. With my last case, my iPad would annoyingly pop out of the case on occasion. The iGlaze feels durable. I have already dropped it a few times. The iGlaze survived, but more importantly so did my iPad. My old case’s corners snapped off almost every time it was dropped.

Moving on to functionality, the iGlaze has three positions: a reading, a movie, and a typing position. The packaging and the website show you how to exactly fold the iGlaze. I’m glad there are instructions, because it did take some time to get the hang of it. Once I did get the hang of it, folding the case makes sense, and I actually use it in all three positions regularly. I haven’t found a case that is as sleek and durable as the iGlaze.

The Moshi iGlaze with Versa Cover is a all around great product. I would recommend this as a buy. It keeps the slim design of the iPad 2/new iPad and it looks great.

The Moshi iGlaze with Versa Cover is available from select retailers and directly from Moshi’s website for $60.  The version of the case without the cover for $35.