REVIEW: SodaStream Could Be Your Healthier Beverage Alternative

Looking for a healthier alternative to get your soda fix with less calories, carbs, and sugar?  Ever since the SodaStream soda makers came out several years ago, I’ve been wondering if this could be a cheaper and healthier alternative than regular soda sold in the supermarket.

SodaStream offers more than 50 soda mix flavors in regular, diet, caffeine free, sparkling, and seltzers.

In comparison to other brands, the regular flavors have less calories, sugar, carbs and sodium.  The regular flavor sweeteners are a mix of sugar and sucralose without high-fructose corn syrup. The diet flavor sweeteners use Splenda, sparkling naturals use cane sugar, and essence flavors are unsweetened.

SodaStream Specs

SodaStream side viewSodaStream has a variety of sodamaker models. We tested the SodaStream Genesis model starter kit.  The Genesis is slim, comes in red or black, and is plastic in construction. The unit has a modern look and would look good in any kitchen. The kit comes with a 14.5 oz. CO2 cylinder (Carbonator), 2-one liter BPA-free plastic bottles, and a 12-flavor sampler pack. SodaStream also sent various Sodamix flavors.

Sodastream Installation

Installation and making soda is easy

The installation process is simple. Remove the top head of the soda maker and screw the CO2 carbonator to the top head of the soda maker. Replace the top of the head back onto the soda maker.

Fill the 1-liter bottle up to the fill line with cold, normal tap water and screw the bottle into the top head of the soda maker.  The carbonation process takes place by firmly pushing the top button of the soda maker head 3-times, injecting CO2 into the water.  A loud buzz should be heard during the push. Slowly remove the bottle from the soda maker.

Fill soda mix flavor into the small measuring cup and slowly pour the soda mix into the water bottle.  When pouring the soda mix, the water bottle should be slightly tilted to minimize the carbonated drink from spilling out.  Cap the bottle, slowly agitate and make sure not to vigorously shake.  Open the bottle and enjoy.

Compare the Competition

SodaStream Flavors

Sodamix flavors in the 16.9 oz. bottle  produce around 12 liters of soda (approx. 33 12-oz. cans).  Soda mix sparkling flavors come in a 25.4 oz. bottle and produce 6 liters of sparkling soda water. Essence flavors come in 40 ml. glass bottles. One 40 ml. bottle can make approximately 20 liters of flavored seltzer.

We taste tested numerous SodaStream sodas and concluded they were just as good or better than well known brands.  Many of the flavors tasted fresh and light without feeling heavy, yet still giving the fizz and carbonation that we crave.  Comparing nutritional values, the SodaStream drinks seem to shine with less calories, carbs, sugars, and sodium.  For a full comparison of nutritional value visit the SodaStream website.

Calories Carbs. Sugar Sodium
SodaStream Cola 35 9g 9g 3g
Coke 100 27g 27g 35g
Pepsi 100 27g 27g 25g 


  • Healthier than well known brands – About 1/3 of  the calories, carbs, sugar, and sodium vs. the well known brands.
  • Environment friendly – No need to throw away  2-liter disposable plastic bottles or aluminum cans.
  • No electrical power or batteries required
  • Slightly cheaper than regular soda – One (1)- 16.9 oz. bottle of flavor concentrate has prices ranging from $4.99-$6.99 and can make 12 liters  (six- 2 liter bottles or 33-12 oz. cans) of soda .  Most of the regular flavors are $4.99. The sparkling flavors are $9.99 in one (1) 25.4 oz. bottle and can make 6 liters of  sparkling soda.


  • Plastic construction – Visually the unit looks sleek and modern however the plastic construction of the Genesis model would be much better if it were stainless steel or aluminum.  SodaStream offers the comparable Pure model with stainless steel construction at higher cost.
  • Filling bottles have limited life cycle, are not dishwasher safe,  and expensive –  The starter kit is provided with only two-1 liter carbonator filling bottles.  Purchasing two additional 1 liter bottles is $19.99.  The bottles are stamped to indicate they are BPA free however are not dishwasher safe and should be replaced every two years.
  • Need to refill carbonator cylinder – The CO2 carbonator cylinder needs to be changed out with an authorized seller.  On avg. a 14.5 oz. CO2 cylinder will produce approximately 60 liters  of soda or seltzer.   Two cylinder exchanges or having an extra spare would cost $29.99.


If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to regular sodas and need that addictive fizz the SodaStream would fit your needs very well.  If you or your family drink lots of soda this could save you some money.  If you or your family don’t drink lots of soda, stick with the supermarket brands. The SodaStream Genesis model is $99.95 and can be purchased at or other retailers.


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    Thanks for this well written article.

    I’ve been using this Sodastream for well over a decade, overhere in Europe although you guys have the better model, and I think anyone carrying more then 4 liter bottles during the weekly shopping should invest in this because it’s environmental safe, healthier and less carrying heavy weights! What more can a person want.

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