UpDesk Standing Desk Review

A few weeks ago we received this large box in for delivery. As you know we get boxes delivered everyday around here at the Livid Lobster HQ. But this thing was over 6 feet long and weighed a ton. Ok, not literally a ton, but heavy. I didn’t know it but John P had a standing desk from  UpDesk delivered. What is an UpDesk, you ask? Well its a motorized rising desk, that rises up to 42.5 inches high.

Standing desks have become all the rage. Sitting all day at a desk has become unproductive and unhealthy. With the UpDesk, you get the best of both worlds. At the touch of a button, you can raise your desk to standing levels or lower it and sit down. John P did a complete review below. UpDesk sells for $999.99 for motorized and $649 for a hand crank version.


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    Hi guys, thanks for this review. I haven’t used an UpDesk myself, but I’ve used one similar (though perhaps a few steps up…) Have you heard of NextDesk? It’s adjustable in height ask well, but it is made from eco-friendly materials, it has an adjustable keyboard tray, monitor arms (optional), and all around just… well, it looks prettier :o)
    If you’re interested, you can check them out at http://www.nextdesks.com, maybe do a review on one of these in the future? I know they’re gaining popularity; people might be interested!
    Thanks again for the post.