Robotic Jellyfish in the Pool!

Back from Japan

We’re back from Japan, and we’ll be bringing you some special videos about the things we saw there very soon. Until then, check out our Google+ feeds (John, Cali), and our Japan 2013 page for a taste of what we experienced.

Robotic Jellyfish in the Pool!

Scientists at Virginia Tech are putting a giant robotic jellyfish through its paces in a swimming pool. Next stop – the open ocean!

Salamander Robot is at Home on Land or in Water

The Swiss Biorobotics Laboratory is working on a robotic salamander that swims in water and crawls on land. Each portion of “Salamandra robotica II” is autonomous, so… if you whack it in half, you wind up with two robots instead of one!

$25 “Stripped-Down” Raspberry Pi Arrives in U.S.

If the $35 dollar Raspberry Pi was too pricey for you, how about a $25 dollar model instead? For that you get an even more stripped-down version: one usb port, no ethernet connection and half the RAM, but you also get a computer that uses a lot less juice.

iOS App Sends Memories to Your Future Self

An iOS app called ThrowBack lets you take a picture, then it sends it back to you at a random date, whether that’s 1 month or 5 years later.

Activision’s Extremely Realistic Human Character

Activision has given us a glimpse of the future of gameplay that could soon feature some VERY realistic human characters.


  1. Daniel says

    The “Extremely Realistic Human Character” seems almost as creepy as china dolls… I’m not sure how many people are comfortable with that level of realism.