Robots Down on the Farm

Robots on the Farm

Farmers have always been on the lookout for ways to make the work more productive and profitable. Now robots are getting into the mix.

Dairy Farm Tech

Modern dairies use RFID collars and automated milking stalls to keep the milk flowing as efficiently as possible.

Prospero Farm-Bot

Prospero is a six-legged Farm-Bot designed to work together with other robots. All together, they weed, fertilize and harvest crops.

John Deere and the Future of Farming

The John Deere tractor company has a vision of the future they call “Farm Sight” which uses a variety of technologies to better control the farm.


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    Great story about farmbots. The name of the game is more crops while using less pesticides, fuel and water. My grandfather could harvest 40 bushels of corn a day by hand. Now the harvest is over 3,000 bushels per hour.
    Researchers are now exploring the use of Drone aircraft in agricultural applications. Love the farm tech. Great job.