Sales Suspended on 16GB Nexus 7

Nexus 7 16GB Coming SoonAll of you people who rushed out and bought the 16GB Nexus 7 left Google blinking its collective eyes and mumbling, “Why are they buying that one?”

Things have gotten so bad trying to fill orders for the 16GB model that the company has suspended sales on it while they work to get them back in stock. The Google Play website is offering those interested in the larger-capacity tablet the opportunity to sign up to be notified when it “becomes available”. The 8GB model is available and stated to deliver in 3 – 5 days.

This is all because Google severely misread the market, thinking the big seller would be the $199 8GB tablet. After all, who doesn’t want a $199 tablet? Apparently a lot of people who realize that paying $50 more for the same tablet with twice the capacity is a good deal. Google’s market analysis never saw that coming.

This also speaks to the notion that the public at large may not be quite as sold on cloud storage as the companies providing it. If you plan to store most of your stuff off your device, 8GB probably will be fine. But if you want access to it regardless of connectivity (which you may or may not have, as when on an airplane, or in signal-deprived areas), or have other misgivings about cloud storage, an extra $50 to double onboard storage is an easy call.

Have you ordered a Nexus 7? What size, and did it arrive yet? Let us know in the comments.

(via The Guardian)


  1. says

    To everyone questioning the “No SDCard” on the Nexus 7, the answer is simple… Google, as well as other manufactures, are not happy with the performance of today’s SD Cards, thus opting for the MUCH quicker internal memory. There are also performance issues with having to mount the SD Card on boot. Google released office statements you can Google when people were up in arms about the lack of an SD Card slot on the Galaxy Nexus. I have owned a Nexus S 4G, and currently own a Galaxy Nexus as well as a Galaxy 10.1, none of which have SD Cards and that has not hindered the device in any way for me.

  2. Thebestborg says

    I’ve heard the Nexus 7 16gb have a major issue regarding touch response. Check out MrThaibox123 on YouTube. I Will go for the new iPad mini now.

  3. Jid says

    Google should hire me as Market Analyst…I may not have taken up a college degree on marketing but the fact that tablets are akinned to simple laptop task and 8gb has become a defacto default memory bundle with everything like mp3, smartphones, digicams…it is obvious people would want more storage than the “usual”.

    If they couldv’e just added an expansion slot on these babies then the game would be different…8GB Nexus 7 would’ve sold out.

  4. Steve says

    I want a 16GB for 2 reasons, 1.) connectivity isn’t always there, and 2.) No expansion via SD or MicroSD. That means I need to have enough space to take enough content along for those connectionless stretches.

  5. Mike Watts says

    Stands to reason that a device without 4G connectivity is going to be more popular with more storage. What do you do when you can’t reach the cloud? Better have that contract or Running Down a Dream on board then, eh?

  6. Trevor says

    Loving my pre-ordered 16GB Nexus 7. Sold my kindle fire on eBay to upgrade to this great tablet. Beautiful screen, fast processor, great operating system…what more could I ask for? I think the price point is right where it should be. I wouldn’t have bought the 16GB if it was any more than $250.

  7. says

    Pre-Ordered and got mine. Pretty nice overall but I am trying to return it. Was trying to see if I could use this instead of the larger iPad but in the end I like the iPad a bit better. Great product though.

  8. says

    Well, now I am glad I got a Samsung Tab 2 instead of this. The Samsung does have an SD slot and micro SD cards are insanely cheap.

  9. says

    Exact reason why I ordered the 16gb. 8gb isn’t gonna cut it if this is a content consumption device. Hopefully someone can find a way to upgrade for more capacity.

  10. James Roane says

    That also means they didn’t get the price right. Are they going to up the 16 gb to $299? Market seems to it should be more than $249.

  11. Beamish says

    I wonder if this short sighted thinking is what led them to release it without an SDCard slot too? You know WiFi is not a ubiquitous in most of the country as it is in Mountain View.

    • David says

      You may be right. I have not ordered one yet, mostly because of the lack of the SD slot has me delaying. Plus I would want the 16 gb, if I went ahead…