Samsung UN46ES8000 Smart TV Review

Samsung recently let us spend some time with the Samsung UN46ES8000. It’s one of their newest Smart TVs that you may have seen commercials for, and it brings new ways to control and a great picture as is expected with Samsung televisions.

Samsung UN46ES8000 Features

The TV has so many features and it’s obvious Samsung wants this set to be the ultimate package available in the market. First off, it is 3D ready and comes with 2 pairs of 3D glasses. I tried this out on my Xbox 360 and it worked great. The TV also gives you access to TV apps via the Smart Hub. These apps include Netflix, Hulu, Pandora as well as other audience-specific apps like a story time app for children and more.

SmartTV with Smart Control

What’s new about this TV as well as what sets it apart is how you control it. You can, of course, use the standard remote, but there are so many functions that classic control may not be the most efficient. You can also use the Touch remote, which features some basic buttons, a built-in mic as well as a touch pad which houses hidden buttons for easier control. The mic built in to the remote works in conjunction with the built-in mic on the TV for voice control. Using key phrases like “Power Off,” etc., allows you to control the TV with no remote at all. To take this even further, there’s a built-in camera which allows for gesture controls. As a big fan of motion-controlled gaming, I found this to be my favorite control method as it’s the quickest as long as the lighting is ideal.

SmartTV = Smart Decision

When it comes to purchasing a TV, all these extras are nice, but what really matters is the image, and as I mentioned before, this TV looks great. I’m not just referring to the build (which is outstanding in itself – I mean, just look at that bezel!,) but the picture is great too! After fiddling with the settings and a reference disc, I ended up with a perfectly fantastic picture with great black levels and a sharpness level that’s perfectly suitable for your high res content.

At the price point, this TV is hard to beat and Samsung has included the Evolution Kit ports so you can rest your worries about a better TV hitting store shelves. This makes it future proof! You’ll have access to all updates Samsung could possibly come up with. They’ve made sure it’s the ultimate package.


  1. Dan says

    Is this TV set edge lit LED? What about screen uniformity? How are the black levels compared to some other LED and Plasma TV sets? Any 3D playback crosstalk?

    This article looks more like an infomercial than proper product review. You’re gonna have to bring more on the table than “tv looks great” and “image is great too” if you want to be taken seriously by the readers.