Say Goodbye to the Nike FuelBand

Game Boy Turns 25

It’s a very special birthday today! 25 years ago, Nintendo released the Game Boy. I was too young, but I want to know… did you have one? Tell me your story! Leave a comment below….

And Happy 50th Birthday to the Videophone

Now, if that makes you feel old, don’t let it. Because 50 years ago, Bell Telephone demoed the Mod 1 Picturephone at the World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows. People were all abuzz with the ability to make a phone call and actually SEE the person on the other end! Amazing what we take for granted nowadays with Google Hangouts and Skype and FaceTime. I love my regular video calls with my niece and nephews where I can watch them grow up even though I live thousands of miles away! Anyway, I digress. The Picturephone, like any new technology was uber expensive! $16 for three minutes of call time. And that’s $16 in 1964.

Nike FuelBand Ends Production

Let’s move into the future now. The future of wearable tech actually. There are soooo many fitness trackers out there on the market. And now, there’s one less. Nike decided to stop all production on future wearable tech, like the FuelBand. They laid off as many as 55 people out of the 70 person team focused on the FuelBand and other fitness hardware. They seem to feel like….software… is the way to go. So I guess that means they’ll be trying to license their software products to other companies who specialize in hardware.

Let’s face it, it wasn’t the best product on the market. I’ll be interested to see how they change their software based on this decision. In my opinion, they would need to make some MAJOR improvements for me to buy a product that used their backend. But I’ll keep my eyes open and hope for the best!

Rufus Cuff is a Big Wearable That Does a Lot

In the meantime, the Rufus Cuff is trying to break into the market to fill the empty slot Nike left behind. They will no doubt exceed their IndieGogo campaign goal of $200,000. But it’s not just a fitness tracker. It does have GPS, an accelerometer and gyroscope to help you track your steps, calories and distances using a third party app. But it’s also a smartwatch – it connects to your iPhone or Android phone to take and make calls. It has a speaker and a camera so you don’t have to hold it up to your face like a dork. It has a full web browser. And it’ll display your text messages and use Siri or Google Now. With built-in WiFi, you can leave your phone at home and still listen to music on Pandora or Spotify while taking a run around the block. It’s…um… quite big… but if you can get past that, it does a LOT! And you can one for $259.

Joss Whedon’s Video-on-Demand Experiment

I know what I’ll be watching this weekend. Hmm… scratch that. Perhaps I’ll be watching it tonight. Joss Whedon is experimenting with online movie rentals. For $5 you can get access to his new movie “In Your Eyes”. It looks good – about a boy and a girl who have a strange, unknown connection… and their journey of figuring out what’s happening to them. He’s using the streaming platform on Vimeo. Now, I don’t usually do a whole lot of renting online… but… for Joss? I may do anything he asks!

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