Secrets of Our Gadget Bags

The Bags Themselves

We both use Powerbags to keep all our stuff together and keep the gadgets charged.

Stuff in Both Our Bags

There are a few things both John and I have in our bags…

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Galaxy Tab 10.1 Book Cover Casesee our review
Monster To Go Power Strip
MyCharge Backup Battery
MacBook Air

Stuff in Cali’s Gadget Bag

Griffin Stylus
GConnect Wireless Hard Drive
PlugBug Charger
Braven Bluetooth Speaker
Nikon P7000

Stuff in John’s Gadget Bag

Rode Video Mic
Vivitar 72-in-1 Card Reader
Extra Batteries for Samsung Charge Phone
Tinke USB Key
Phiaton Bluetooth Headphones
Monster Mobile Jamz Headphones
Altoids Cinnamon
Gorilla Super Glue
Costco Optical Cleaning Solution
Delkin Devices Card Reader
Oyen Digital MiniPro Hard Drive


  1. Ace says

    The one thing I have to have in my bag is the Bose Bluetooth headset. You should really review it. I work in New York and have those ears where you just can’t get a headset to stay put. Regarding New York, its ten times better than any other headset in providing noise cancelation and volume to hear your music on the train and in the streets and the sound quality is great. I use it to listen to music and videos more than anything with my iPod touch. Also, If you can’t find a head set that will stay put try this one. Once it’s in, your good to go no matter your ear size and it’s comfortable enough to wear all day.