Secrets of Web Design with Scott Ellis

Thinking about a new web site or a refresh to your existing one? Scott Ellis is our web designer at Livid Lobster, and he sat down with Cali and John to discuss the web design process from the perspective of a developer. What helps, what doesn’t, and what are the tips can help that website you have in mind spring into reality as painlessly as possible? Scott is the man with the answers.


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    I don’t know…I love drop down menus for navigation. I see what you’re saying though, sometimes people throw tons of links in drop downs because there’s no where else to put them. Sometimes the clients want dropdowns too.

    Nice video but you guys should work on the audio a little. The mic levels seem a little unbalanced.

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    Really love this!

    I think there is clients and clients, and not all people are the same. Many clients cannot pay several hundred dollars for a site, and many clients just want something up. Even though changes in design structure are preferred by the majority, many still only have a certain amount to spend, whether it be 100 dollars or several hundred dollars.

    In terms of what clients get, depends on what they pay and what they need for their clients. Previously I dealt with BIG clients, and to some extend, those clients require much more support. Somebody who has a small one to five page website would not require as much ongoing support as CMS driven site.

    Even big companies now are opting for template C.M.S. solutions because they’re not tight budgets due to the recession.

    You have a number of clients:
    1. Just want to put something on their business cards (1 man business)
    2. Just need something up to fit with their corporate image (1 – 5 persons business)
    3. Need a functional websites, which customers would log on and do something
    4. An eCommerce website which they want to sell a particular product and demand high traffic
    5. Somebody who has an idea which has no idea about web design or about their own idea

    From experience this are the main clients.