Sennheiser MM100 Bluetooth Headset Review

I know what you’re all thinking. That guy Leland Flynn must be rich as hell from all those awesome blog posts that he writes and being as ruggedly handsome as he is. I wish I could perpetuate that lie. Hell, I wish I could live that lie but sadly, I have a day job. Or perhaps it’s not so sad considering the current state of the job market. Anyhow, suffice it to say I work a day job at a not-to-be-mentioned data center here in Texas. As you might gather this job requires quite a bit of heavy lifting and movement in tight spaces and I’m sure that you’re wondering just how it is that I consume all those buttery smooth jams and epic podcasts while posing like a Ringling Bros. contortionist and holding a 50-lb server over my head. Well first, I would like to thank you for your concern. Second, I use headphones obviously. What kind of headphones you ask? Well I certainly don’t tuck a wire into my shirt. I mean, I’m not a barbarian! No friend I depend on a pair of inexpensive, trusty, and surprisingly decent sounding Rocketfish Bluetooth headphones. Wearing a Bluetooth headset gives me a high-degree of mobility and keeps the rest of the world well drowned-out while I work. I’ve recently been looking into ways to upgrade my listening experience though and I have certainly found a contender in the Sennheiser MM100 headset.

Beautiful Sounds

I am by no means an audiophile. I’m sure that much was obvious when I said that I listen to Bluetooth headphones but, I’d like to think that I am at least a decent judge of audio quality. Believe me when I say that these are some of the best sounding Bluetooth headphones I have ever listened to. I would expect no less from Sennheiser though. Everything I listened to had a rich, layered quality on the high to medium range that even some premium earbuds can’t deliver. My only issue with the audio was the bass, or rather the near lack of it. I didn’t expect much in the way of deep bass from a pair of Bluetooth headphones but I did expect it to sound better than this. Even songs with a moderate amount of bass really just felt flat and boring.

The volume level of this set was also quite impressive. For something so compact they were able to easily drown out the overbearing drone of servers while I worked. Being a pair of over-the-ear phones they also allowed for me to hear my coworkers without removing them as well. Outside of the server room they were even loud enough to serve as a pair of Bluetooth speakers. Again these blow other headsets that I’ve used out of the water.

Being a Bluetooth headset these also pack a mic so that you can answer calls with the touch of a button. Overall this feature worked well. Answering calls was as simple as tapping a button on the side of the headset – my music would pause temporarily and resume after the call was ended. My only gripe here is with the position of the mic itself. As there is no boom to extend it out to you the mic is situated in the right phone itself. Normally this would not be an issue but unfortunately Sennheiser decided to place the mic behind a piece of plastic. This seemed to deflect the already distant sound of my voice from the element and left a few of my callers complaining that my voice was muddled and faint at times. I would have preferred to see the mic simply built into the side of the phones.

Design and Quality

Something I did not anticipate coming into this review was just how cheap these headphones feel. Coming from Sennheiser and priced at $149.95 I would expect quality, comfort, and decent sound. While not entirely uncomfortable I never quite felt right while wearing them. I tend to prefer a behind-the-head band specifically for the comfort of it but the band on this set felt very flimsy. Flexibility is good to a point but I honestly felt like I needed to be careful when removing these headphones. I also never felt like the tension meant to keep the headphones on my head was enough to actually do so – I had a few instances where they actually slipped off of one ear. I do have to applaud Sennheiser here for using some of the most comfortable foam phone covers I’ve ever felt however. I never noticed any fatigue or strain on my ears from how the phones rested on them as can often be the case with many over-the-ear designs.

Perhaps my biggest complaint overall with these phones are the buttons. Everything is wrong here, from the placement to the feel of them. The main button used for turning the headset on/off, answering calls and syncing is an over-sized circle with the Sennheiser logo super-imposed upon it. The issue here is just how stiff the button feels. It requires enough force to push the button that I preferred removing the headset to push it rather than force the hard-plastic body of the phone into my ear. The rest of the buttons are not nearly as stiff feeling but their issues lie in their placement. The volume up/down and next/previous buttons line the rim of the phones which is quite common for these types of headsets. Sadly they are very awkwardly positioned. Pushing them does not feel particularly comfortable.


I was exceedingly impressed by the clarity and depth of the sound that these phones were able to produce. When it comes to sound quality in a Bluetooth set, I have heard nothing better. I do wish the bass was just a bit deeper but this is a common issue with Bluetooth headphones. The build quality was a disappointment, especially coming from Sennheiser and, at the price I can’t come up with a justification for it. Build issues aside though, if you’re a music junkie or podcast nerd who absolutely needs to be wireless with the best sound available I could not recommend these more!


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    UPDATE: After much digging about I have found out what the problem with these headphones is that is causing the choppy sound issue, they are only Bluetooth 2.0 and not 2.1 with EDR and the bandwidth they have is simply not enough to handle the output from the MBP. If you disconnect all other Bluetooth devices it is slightly better, but still happens, just at larger intervals. I would therefore recommend you look around for some with 2.1 + EDR instead.

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    I’ve had a pair of these headphones for about a year now and use them with my MacBook Pro at work and when they work they are good, but I have no end of problems with them. The sound often becomes very choppy and I have to turn them off and back on to fix it. Also you can’t use them as stereo bluetooth and as a headset at the same time, e.g. listen to music and switch to take a Skype call, which is pretty irritating. Also like Leland said for the money the build quality is pretty poor, very plasticy. I’m currently looking around for a replacement as I’m so fed up with the choppy sound issue.