Sheep Texting Wolf Warnings

iSimple megaPhone Giveaway

We reviewed the iSimple megaPhone a few days ago, and now we’re giving you the chance to win one. Just go to our contest page for all the details.

BladePad Brings Gaming Controls to iPhone

Phones are becoming very popular platforms for gaming, but their controls tend to be lacking. The BladePad aims to provide console-style controls for the iPhone.

3D-Printed Braces Help Girl Move Her Arms

Emma Lavell is two-year-old and has AHC which weakens her arms, making them difficult to use. Now, with the help of these articulated splints made on a 3D printer, she’s able to hold things.

Swiss Sheep Send Text Warnings About Wolves

Sheep in Switzerland are being outfitted with collars that monitor them for stress that could indicate a wolf attack. Eventually they’ll be able to spray wolf repellent, but for now they can text message their shepherds for help.