Shoes That Charge Phones

SpaceX Rocket Heads to ISS

A little bit of history was made Tuesday as a SpaceX rocket headed to the International Space Station.

Zap Weeds with Lasers

Why would you dig weeds out of the ground when it’s so much cooler to zap them with lasers?

Shoes That Charge Phones

There’s no limit to unusual ways to charge phones, but here’s a new one you can add to the list – a system that produces electricity from your shoes as you walk!

Uberconference Lets You Talk to a Crowd

The guy behind the services that became Google Voice and Yahoo Voice is aiming for a bigger crowd with Uberconference, a service for conference calling.

Robot Fish in Spanish Waters

Researchers in Spain are using a 5-foot robot fish to sample water for pollutants. At $30,000 per fish, you might want to throw this one back!


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    I think that those shoes could be really handy for hikers and campers. I would try it even though I dislike camping. And please keep Cali as the host – not that other weird person at the end. :)