Six-Legged Robot You Can Ride

The Olympics in LEGO

The Guardian newspaper didn’t have the rights for video of the Olympics – so they did their YouTube highlights in LEGO!

Curiosity Rover in LEGO

There isn’t an official Curiosity rover LEGO kit yet, but one of the rover team members is lobbying for that to happen. Until then, he’s devised a parts list and pretty good instructions for anyone who wants to build one now.

A Six-Legged Robot You Can Ride

Meet Stompy, the hexapod robot you can take for a drive. He’s a Kickstarter project, and the robotics team that designed him has some big plans.

Nook Price Drop

As the market for smaller tablets heats up, with new competition from Google (and maybe soon, Apple), Barnes & Noble is countering by dropping prices across their Nook line.


  1. Kevin says

    What’s with the 2 bullet holes that show up around 3:15 in the video? Looks like someone tried for a head shot! Shame on them.