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After rumors of strong Kindle Fire sales during Q4 2011, it only makes sense that Sling Media would release their SlingPlayer app, already available on most Android devices and iOS, for the popular device. We were given a chance to check out the app, and found that it works extremely well considering the unique interface that comes with the Kindle Fire.

Slingbox on Kindle Fire

For those unfamiliar with what Slingbox does, it’s a service with which you stream live TV or media devices (such as DVD/Blu-Ray players, stream boxes like the Roku, and even Xbox 360s) over the internet to any mobile device, laptop and now, Kindle Fire, with this app. The box itself comes with multiple IR transmitters to also remote control the devices over the air – which is a nice plus!

Slingbox on Kindle Fire Running xbox 360

In the Livid Lobster studios, I tested the app with an Xbox 360 hooked up to the Slingbox. The app was easy to configure as long as you have an account with Slingbox and a working device – all of this information is stored in the system. Simply boot up and select your device, in our case case, an Xbox 360 with YouTube, Netflix, etc.

Slingbox on Kindle Fire Running YouTube

The quality and latency obviously depend on your internet speed but with a good connection, you’ll easily get 30 frames-per-second and that is quite enjoyable. The fact that I can now watch any of my media devices on the go is pretty amazing.

Slingbox on Kindle Fire Loading

The SlingPlayer for Kindle Fire app is available now – and the service is also available on many other mobile devices. Note that the service does require a Slingbox and broadband connection.

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