Smarter Stand for iPad Review

The Apple Smart Cover has a great trick to it, in that it can be folded to prop an iPad at a level good for typing, and for some viewing. But it’s only two angles and that isn’t going to work for everyone.

This is where a phenomenally simple Kickstarter product called the Smarter Stand comes in. The reason the Smart Cover has just a couple of viewing angles is that’s where the cover folds. The Smarter Stand is a clip that prevents the Smart Cover from folding at that point and results in a different viewing. It’s absolutely genius in its simplicity, and the Kickstarter community seems to agree, having already backed it at more than ten times the original goal. So, this is one project that will be happening. You can currently become a backer and get a Smarter Cover clip for $12 in white, or $14 if you’d like a color. It’s scheduled to ship in October.


  1. Profile photo of John P. says

    Ok, in my defense… it’s hard to have all those cameras pointed at you and be thinking about what to say while doing something that requires manual dexterity! :-)

    John P.

  2. Alex says

    Was I the only one yelling, “Other side!” when John was trying to put the Smart Cover on the iPad? :)