SOL Republic Amps Review

I use in-ear headphones like it’s my job. In the morning I grab a cheap pair I wear for running, complete with hip hop playlist, and my day job requires an extensive iTunes collection and at least one earbud in at all times. I have quality headphones, the SOL Republic Tracks and Sennheiser HD280Pro are my favorites, but I never valued quality in my in-ear sets.

Then I got a chance to review SOL Republic Amps and realized the error of my ways.

I was wrong, so very, very wrong.

The Amps are $59 and have the same style and cool factor as all SOL Republic offerings. The mids are high and clear and I didn’t hear any distortion in the low or high volumes.  In fact, there is a wide range between the lows and highs, making every track sound bigger. The bass may seem light, but it’s designed to bring out the notes you might otherwise miss. After a momentary adjustment I became a fan-girl of less bass and greater clarity.

Ask anyone what their biggest gripe about in-ear headphones and I bet they’ll tell you it’s the fit. In an attempt to feel weightless and avoid the soreness that comes with wearing them for long sessions, The SOL Republic Amps are designed with a curved shape that falls into the ear canal. I have tiny ears and find that even the smallest size tips are too big for me, but I experienced the best fit of my life with the Amps. They come with silicon tips in four different sizes; I’m sure you’ll find your perfect fit.

The SOL Amps also come with an iPhone-compatible in-line remote with microphone. I used it with an iPhone and Android phone and didn’t have any problems but they’re designed specifically for iOS compatibility. And the remote? It’s awesome. I can hear the clicks, it’s easy to navigate, and the microphone worked perfectly with incoming calls.

The Amps I reviewed were in red, but I would buy the black pair, as the red is a bit flashy for my taste. The downside to the SOL Republic Amps is that at $59 you’re not going to have a carrying case and the cords are a bit flimsy. If these are concerns for you, SOL offers an HD version of the Amps at $99 which have a heavier, flat chord, carrying case, and color choices in red, black, and clear. Bonus: both models come with a 1-year warranty.

After trying the SOL Amps, I have repented for my sin of cheap in-ear headphones. These little guys made my ears so very happy and I will be purchasing a pair of Amps immediately for my daily, nay, hourly listening needs.


  1. Tasha says

    I love my SOLs too. One thing, for best sound quality you really have to make sure you are using the right cushions that provide the best seal. Once I changed into the right seals, the darned things sound VERY good and have nice bass.

    One quibble I have with them is that the little tab at the top of the phones sometimes rubs against my ear and is kind of uncomfortable. I have to make sure that I have the plugs in straight.