Sometimes It’s Not Photoshop: Darth Vader Rides a Chipmunk

In this world where it seems every photo is retouched and digitally adjusted, it’s hard to believe that a shot like this could be almost entirely real. But it is. Chris McVeigh, known on Flickr as powerpig, created this great shot, called “Easy Rider“, that stretches most people’s credulity. But it’s all on the up and up — he really got that action figure on that chipmunk’s back and has the how-to video to prove it!

(Via PetaPixel, image and video by Chris McVeigh)


  1. Profile photo of Dave Peterson says

    I’m pretty sure the video was taken at a different time than the still (probably after). On the site where the video is posted, the photographer says the lightsaber blade and color correction were touched up in post-production. He’s got a number of other Star Wars-themed pictures with this little guy at his site, so Billy probably just knows a good gig when he falls into one!

  2. Bruce R. says

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The almonds, good observation Paul. It could have been a different shoot day. He may have trained this little guy over several days. Where the *still* above is concerned, he may have eaten the last nut *that* day… “B”

  3. paul hensley says

    wondering how the almonds disappeared from the photo when they clearly were in the video. wondering why the string disappeared when it’s clearly visible in the video. unless you mean no photoshop except for those!

  4. Bruce R. says

    Chipmunks can be very tame, they will be accepting of people if tempted with food. I can see the natural reaction with the Vader on the fishing line, I totally believe the photo & vider. We have a family living in our underground drainage pipes. They seem to show an advanced intelligence, to me at least… “B”