Sony Announces PlayStation 4, the Creative Console

IMG_0209Sony confirmed many rumors on the Internet today with the announcement of the Playstation 4. They didn’t spend a whole lot of time going over technical specifications, but they did give us a few interesting numbers and details.

AMD processor, x86 Architecture with an “enhanced PC GPU” and 8 gigs of high-speed unified GDDR5 RAM used for a common pool of memory. It has a “massive” hard drive, but no specific numbers were given.

Interestingly, there was absolutely no talk at all about physical media. No mention of bluray, red ray or any other type of optical disc came up. Interestingly, there was no talk about support for 4K displays, either, despite Sony’s commitment to 4K TVs.

They briefly showed the controller with touch pad and a Kinect-like dual camera array.



Despite the length of the presentation-it went on for a solid two hours-they gave no information about pricing. They did tease a holiday 2013 launch window, though they saved that tidbit for the end of the show.

The vast majority of the time was spent going over game demos and footage showcasing Sony’s roster of in-house developers, as well as their various partners and an impressive collection of indie developers they’ve brought to the Playstation side of the gaming community.

I won’t go over every single title they talked about, but highlights included a new Killzone game, the new inFAMOUS: Second Son, more game footage of Watch Dogs, Bungie’s Destiny, which will be a simultaneous PS3 and PS4 release, Blizzard’s Diablo 3, and an unnamed and undemoed Final Fantasy title under development for the PS4.

Developers look to be doing some jaw-dropping feats of engineering and programming when it comes to particles and fluid systems on the PS4. Even on a choppy live-stream, what we were looking at was incredibly beautiful.

A really interesting non-reveal was the look of the console itself. They never did give even the slightest hint of what it’s going to look at. Of course, with a holiday release window it’s very possible they haven’t yet finalized the design yet, so expecting them to show it off could be premature. There’s also E3 to consider. You can bet they’re holding some things back to showcase there.

Did you catch the event online somewhere? What were your favorite previews? Were you disappointed that they didn’t show off the console itself? Let us know in the comments!

(Thanks to TWiT for providing a stable stream and to Engadget for providing an excellent on-site live blog.)