Spotify’s Plan to Match Music to Your Heart Rate

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ARK – The Backup Battery with Qi Built In

The ARK charger is on Kickstarter. We’ve seen a ton of portable batteries. But what sets this one apart is the fact that it supports Qi charging. So if your phone has that capability, you can set the ARK on the table at Starbucks and then just set your phone on top of it. It also supports more standard charging via USB.

HP Offers Windows 7 “By Popular Demand”

If you’re not one to move ahead with technology very easily… like for instance, you bucked against change when it came to Windows 8, HP has your back. They’re running a promotion right now on Windows 7 devices. They say they’re bringing it “back by popular demand”.

Most ATMs’ Windows XP Going Off Support

Though, seriously, you’re going to have to change at some point. Just look at the majority of the 420,000 ATMs in the U.S. They’re still running Windows XP. And on April 8th, Microsoft will no longer be supporting XP, so if you go to the ATM after that date and aren’t able to get any money out, you’ll know why!

Spotify Opens Music Mechandise Store

If you’re a Spotify user, you can now buy merchandise from your favorite artists. At least, if they chose to do it. Any artist on Spotify can now have a store essentially of whatever they want to sell – tshirts, stickers, posters, CD box sets… whatever.

Music Tailored to Your Heart Rate

I like how Spotify is trying to open up their services and offer a more complete experience. And pretty soon, you may be able to have a playlist tailored specifically to the amount of exercise you’re doing. Imagine putting on a sensor… kind of like you might wear a fitness tracker now… and Spotify could use the amount of motion, heart rate and data about your temperature to automatically play songs that fit what your doing.

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  1. Allan Benson says

    ATM Story
    I dont think XP being dead is a big issue for the ATM’s , I have done a bit of work with clients in this industry, and a lot of the independent ATM’s use and are still using OS/2 Warp , and I thought it was dead years ago, BUT it seems that it is the stability of OS/2 that they like, I Cant understand why they would use Windows XP for an ATM as XP was never stable and the last thing you need is a blue screen while issuing cash 😉