Stabile PRO Pivoting iPad Stand Review

I’ve had an iPad for about a year now and must say that I can’t live without it.  While some people feel naked without their phones, that’s how I feel without my iPad.  I carry it around like we used to carry around Day Runner binders back in the mid ’90’s.  Except, this “Day Runner” is so much more than a calendar and note holder.

I use my iPad in one form or fashion from the time I wake up in the morning, to the time I hit the rack at night.  The case I have gives me the ability to lay it low on the desk, propped up for typing, or up-right on the desk, kind of like a picture frame, which makes reading or watching video easier.  BUT, neither of those positions really nails it for all uses.

In my studio, I have my MacPro and a 4 monitor grid as my main machine.  The monitor array is HUGE and takes up a very large amount of space on my desk.  Add to that my MacBook Pro and space becomes a premium.   Add my iPad, a bluetooth keyboard and bluetooth speaker and my elbows start hitting things.

I’ve done some looking around at different “desktop” style solutions but haven’t seen anything that really catches my eye or makes me want to plunk down some cash, until now.

The Stabile PRO is an amazingly simple, yet elegantly designed iPad stand solution.  This thing is REALLY well thought out, which is good because the company that created it is called “Thought Out”, go figure.

The aluminum stand is rock solid.  The base is heavy enough to stay put on your desk, and not tip, but light enough to easily be moved as needed.  The device cradle pivots in any direction so you can get the optimum viewing angle you’re looking for, which is really helpful given the iPad’s highly reflective screen.


Stabile PRO Ball Joint | GeekBeat

The ball pivot’s tension can be adjusted as well so you can lock the cradle’s position, or leave it a little loose so you can adjust easily, but know it’s not going to creep or tilt on you.

With a starting price of about $85, it is a little pricy, but from what I’ve seen it’s also the best designed.  Not only is it pretty, and a natural fit with any of the Apple hardware, it’s handy.  I’ve been able to easily route the power cable for my iPad through the opening in the back, have my Monster iCLARITY HD bluetooth speaker sitting on the base, and my apple bluetooth keyboard in front.

All-in-all, I say if you’re looking for a well designed, sturdy and flexible iPad stand, get the Stabile PRO.