Standzfree Floor Stand for iPad Review

Sometimes you want to use your iPad, but you don’t want to have to hold it. Whether you’re watching a video in your recliner, or pounding away on exercise equipment, there are moments when hands free iPad use is what you want. I had a situation like that with my exercise bike – I wanted to be able to watch videos on the iPad, but didn’t want to have to hold the tablet up for my whole workout. The Standzfree Floor Stand for iPad turned out to be exactly what I needed.

Standzfree with exercise bike

One of the most important things in an iPad stand is that it be sturdy. You don’t want it falling or jiggling, you just want to put the iPad in place and have it stay there. The Standzfree is very solidly built, with metal construction from the floor stand up to the top of the neck. The iPad holder is sturdy plastic, which allows it to flex enough for the iPad to be inserted and removed. But once you’ve put the tablet in place, and positioned it, nothing’s going anywhere unless you want it to.

Standzfree iPad floor standThe height of the stand is 36 inches, with twelve of those being a rigid tube attached to the base. The base is a 3-pound piece of metal, making for a solid foundation. If you need the stand taller, additional 12-inch extension tubes are available separately. The holding clamp will work with all iPad body types.

The Standzfree is a simple item that does exactly what it claims to do. If you’re looking for a solidly-built floor stand for an iPad, it deserves strong consideration. You can pick it up at Amazon for about $100.


  1. Dave Cutler says

    Another cool option is the FLOTE. It’s pricier but has more adjustability, reach, and elegant looks. FLOTE built using precision machined metals and works with most tablets, with or without a case.

  2. Jeff says

    You state that the clamp will work with both iPad body types. Since there are three iPads which 2 are you talking about? Also the hover bar from Twelve South has a similar clamp and although it seems to support iPad 3, it doesn’t last long and the plastic clamp breaks from the stress due to the iPad 3’s additional thickness.