Star Trek Replicator Heading for Reality

3D Printing Your Food

Researchers at Cornell University are working on a 3D food printer that could have applications in space.

Printing New Body Parts

And another Cornell lab is looking at using 3D printing to create replacement body parts.

Meteor Video Blocked Due to Radio Music

In Germany, YouTube has blocked the dashcam video of that falling meteor because viewers can hear music playing in the background on the radio.

Meteor Breaks Online Video Record

But being blocked in Germany hasn’t been enough to stop all those meteor videos from hitting a combined 130 million views over the first weekend, the fastest growth ever for videos of any single event.

“Call Me Gangnam Style” Video Nears Half-Million Views

The Psy/Carly Rae Jepsen mashup video we made a while back has been racking up the views, now nearing half a million.