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Have friends and family who are one with the Force? Warm up for the holidays with these great Star Wars stocking stuffers for that special someone.


Ice Scraper – $24

Take the chore out of de-icing a windshield, have fun scraping ice off Hoth-style with a severed Wampa arm.


Tea Infuser – $19

Get your tea on with the Death Star Tea Infuser. Made of stainless steel, this infuser will help you steep a perfect cup of tea every morning.



Breakfast Beverages Set – $29

To go with the Death Star Tea Infuser, try Yoda’s Dagobah Green Tea. Not a tea person? Then start your day with a healthy dose of Vader’s Dark Side Roast Coffee. If tea or coffee is not your thing, then enjoy a simple cup of Hoth Cocoa. Love all 3? Then you can purchase them in a Breakfast Beverages set.

Imperial logo ceramic mug – $9

Finding gifts for work? Show how much you appreciate your boss with a Imperial Logo mug.


The Complete Saga on Blu-Ray -$69

You can’t be a Star Wars fan without having the copies of the saga – top your loved one’s list with the complete saga on Blu-ray. Also a great stocking suffer to covert newcomers to the dark side. Best Buy currently has it on sale for $69.99.

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