Staying Plugged-In While Running the Tokyo Marathon

Joseph Tame

Joseph Tame in Full Gear

The Tokyo Marathon was run on Saturday February 26th and amongst its many competitors was Joseph Tame. I’ve never really understood the Marathon mindset but I do understand geeks and as far as running geeks go I’ll rank Joseph right up there with the best of them.

Looking like a visitor from outer space, Joseph Tame ran the entire race with a rather interesting configuration of two iPhone 3s, two iPhone 4s, and an iPad, all feeding his command center, and interested followers, with audio, video, and various data regarding his run.

The iRun Rig

The iRun, as he calls it, “…features four iPhones on rotatable mounts, an iPad, an Android handset, three mobile wifi routers, a wind turbine (ok, so it’s a kid’s fan that turns around…), a 4-in-one atmospheric monitor, a heart monitor, a plastic doughnut and of course the very important satellite dish for high-speed data connectivity (cunningly crafted from a bird-feeding dish).“

Joseph Tame iRun

Joseph Tame's iRun

The device, or should I say devices, provided live broadcast video, and streaming data regarding his location, pace, heart rate, the outside temperature, humidity, and noise levels. Joseph hopes that Apple will some day want to sell the iRun, although I am not sure that it’s quite up to Steve Jobs’ design standards. Then again, Joseph does seem to have a sense of humor so perhaps the comment was for our entertainment:

The Video

In case you are interested, Joseph successfully completed the Marathon saying via twitter (@tamegoeswild) “Wow guys we did it! Thank you so much! An unforgettable experience.”


  1. says

    Wow, great to be featured here, thank you!

    It turned out to be a fantastic success, although not without its challenges. First problem occurred after about 10km when I discovered that one of my main backup batteries was faulty – no charge! My support team were fantastic though, going out and buying more battery-powered USB chargers and handing them over further down the course.

    Check out the video report produced by CNN, released a few hours ago!

    See you on Twitter