Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Review

There’s nothing quite like that sinking feeling when you discover you’ve lost a valuable file from your computer. Whether it’s a personal photo or a project for work that you’ve put hours into. We should all be backing up, but there are times when either we haven’t done a backup recently, or for some other reason the exact file we need fell between the cracks.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery Features

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is complete suite of data recovery tools for the Mac with features that will undelete your Trash, recover photos and other files, save data from an accidentally formatted drive (or a corrupt drive) recover deleted email (if you use Apple Mail or Microsoft’s Entourage), recover lost data on iPods, recover a lost or deleted partition or volume on your hard drive, create a mountable drive image, or create a bootable system startup DVD.

Recovering Files with Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

For a file recovery test, I used a USB stick that I had cleared of a number of no longer needed files a few weeks earlier. Through the interface, I navigated to the drive and started the process of scanning.

After a few minutes I was given a list of folders by file type (JPEG Images, Quick Time Movies, and MP4 Files in my case).

I randomly selected MP4 Files. Files are listed, and a preview pane lets you view the deleted file, even playing the video, so you can be sure you are recovering the right file. I selected a video of Cali Lewis at the Drobo booth during Macworld 2011, then clicked the Recover button.

The software asked me to designate a location for the recovered file to be placed, then put it there. Simple as that, the fully functional video file was recovered

Different types and levels of scans take varying amounts of time, starting with a Quick Recovery and working down to more time consuming, but more thorough recoveries that stand a better chance of retrieving files the quicker modes aren’t able to recover. Scans can also be saved for later recovery.

Final Thoughts on Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

The software is very easy and intuitive to use, and provides a wide range of different kinds of recoveries, based on how and where files were lost. In my tests, it was very effective in recovering deleted files. If you keep less than perfect backups, it could help retrieve that one irreplaceable file that you lost.

System requirements are an Intel-based or Power PC (G4 or later) Mac, running OS X 10.3.9 or later. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is $99 USD, from the Stellar site as a download, or $119 as a download with CD sent to you.