Streaming Across America – The Truck

The GeekBeat Truck of Legend

John P. and Norm are travelling across America in this epic truck, filled to the brim with gizmos and decked out with graphics by yours truly. Many a tale have already been told about this truck but we want to hear yours and we’re rewarding the Best 15.

All you have to do is follow @GeekBeatTV on Twitter and tweet your GeekBeat Truck Urban Legend with the hashtag #GBTourTruck

For example:
“The #GBTourTruck runs on pure unicorn tears and gets 5 miles to the gallon.”

The Best 15 win a Limited Edition Livid Lobster LensPen! (More details in the video below.)
Winners will be chosen on Monday, June 20th.

This giveaway is open to ANYONE WORLDWIDE!
Multiple entries are allowed.
Keep them G-Rated, they may appear on a blog post!
Have fun!

We look forward to reading your greatness.

About the Livid Lobster LensPen