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#CESlive Headed Your way in January

We’re going to CES this year and doing it WAY bigger than ever before! We’ll be bringing you #CESlive, teaming with the gang at Mobile Nations to bring you four days of live streaming coverage from the show floor!

Emergency Light Bulb Controlled by the Wall Switch

The SmartCharge LED light bulb will be there as a back up light for you when power goes out (thanks to its built-in battery) AND you can control it from a wall switch even during an outage.

Airfy is the WiFi Hotspot That Gives You More

If you’ve been wanting more from your WiFi router, Airfy is hoping to raise enough funds to give it to you. For a business owner who wants to give free WiFi to customers, it’ll allow you to do that with security intact – every user would get their own encrypted connection and account.

PrepPad Brings Your iPad Into the Kitchen

If you like to cook while watching TV, check out the PrepPad. It’s a cutting board and prep stations that connect to a mobile app and will help you measure your ingredients. It has Bluetooth connectivity and can hold 15 pounds of ingredients. It’s $150.

You can see all our gift suggestions throughout the season at geekbeat.tv/gifts!

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3 Responses

  1. Carl Shimbo

    Hi Cali/John, Any meet ups planned during CES? It would be great to meet you in person! Thanks!

  2. john

    So what if Jon’s power went out. He has solar power, so it doesn’t matter if he has no power.