Support the Game of Your Choice: Steam Greenlight Picks, Round 1

Steam Greenlight

With the recent unveiling of Steam’s Greenlight service, developers are scrambling to get the word out to their fanbase for their support so their games can get approved for release as soon as possible.  Every game has a progress bar that appears when you vote it up showing you how far it has come to reaching its goal, but the exact number of votes needed is not set in stone and serves more to compare interest among Greenlight games for the review staff at Steam.

Until then, and while you wait for your favorite game to make it through, here’s a list of titles to consider voting for.  This is not a comprehensive list, nor is it a definitive set of what makes a game versus what doesn’t.  It’s simply what caught my eye.  If you find yourself disagreeing with these picks, just navigate to Community → Greenlight → Generate a new queue to get a random selection of 12 games to consider for yourself.

Keep in mind that not every game is at the same stage in development.  Some games are already out for other platforms and are just looking to be ported to Steam, while others are still in early alpha;  so a vote is a gauge of community interest and support rather than a judgement on the project’s readiness to ship.

The Picks

Kinetic Void
Octodad: Dadliest Catch No Time to Explain
The Intruder Miasmata
The Spire Dream
Routine Black Mesa Siege Works
Cognition Grey Matter