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As the guys travel through Alabama and Georgia, they stop at the World’s Largest Office Chair, as well as the Georgia Guide Stones…with a very interesting story!

Don’t forget!! We have TONS of giveaways, so keep an eye on this page:


Look out on Twitter and YouTube for more videos and more giveaways leading up to the CEA LineShows in New York next week!

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5 Responses

  1. Bernard Walton

    If you don’t end up anywhere near the Biltmore I do know a bit about Tazewell County VA and you might be interested in Fort Witten (Lat: 37.099812 Long: -81.55812) right on RT 460. Maybe a stop to the Pocahontas Mine & Museum (37°18′29″N 81°20′59″W). I don’t know how accurate the GPS coordinates will be but they should be easy to find.

  2. Bernard Walton

    Michelle York is right. A stop at the Biltmore would be good. If you want to spend all day going through the house you can, but no photos so what I would recomend anyway is to go to the opposite end of the property and ride a segway or well do any of the really cool stuff they have there.

    The USS NC is another good way to spend the day, and if you could manage to get up with them Engineer775, and OBXSOLWIND from YouTube are both in NC if you could look them up.

  3. Hunter Biede

    And would you mind telling us about how many more prizes are left to give away before and once you are in NY? Thanks.
    Loyal listener,

  4. HBiede

    You got to check out the Potomac River and the Lincoln Memorial. And check out some of my other suggestions on the third video and John and Cali’s Twitters.